Things I love

My family and friends, coffee beans and gelato, road trips and Whole Foods Market

Quote I love

“With Courage you will dare to take risks, have the strength to be compassionate, and the wisdom to be humble.” ~Mark Twain


Owner | Principal Planner | Espresso Lover

Apsara Events has been a dream come true for Sokha. She was always the student that was planning fundraisers and school dances, the friend that loved looking at invitations and daydreaming about seating charts and centerpieces (we know; it’s weird but true).

“I am definitely the planner that always wants to know more… I will ask questions, I will Google, I will send emails and make phone calls… all in the quest to get to know you and the vision of your perfect day. I make every effort to give you a stress-free and fun-filled experience”.

Growing up surrounded by a culture steeped in tradition, Sokha quickly found herself gravitating towards the various customs and rituals of weddings and the colorful meanings behind each smile and laughter. She is very passionate about offering couples the most memorable experience possible during their wedding journey. She loves her obsession for details and it is extremely important in what she does, but she loves the connections that she builds with the couples and their families even more.


Associate Planner | Anime Junkie | Chameleon

From her first job, at age 14 volunteering at a nursing home to her current position as Associate Planner, they all have involved a high level of maintaining customer relations, service, and hospitality.  Throughout work, school, and life experiences Lorie has learned how to adapt to surrounding personalities, even those opposite to her own, which is why her nickname is the “Chameleon”. She loves creating a happy atmosphere for everyone.

Because weddings can be a very a busy day for the bride and groom, one of Lorie’s favorite times of the wedding day is seeing the moments the bride and groom have alone together, seeing their love in the way they look at each other is priceless.

Lorie is not only thrilled, but is grateful to be a part of Apsara. She is always ecstatic to begin the journey of planning, organizing, and executing the special day for each and every one of “you”.  In her own words, “I am humbled to be a part of one of the most memorable moments of their lives.”

Things I love

Cooking/Baking, hiking, bike riding, and video games

Quote I love

"You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore." ~Christopher Columbus



Associate Planner | Crafter | Globetrotter

Jaclyn was raised in Tampa, Florida and earned degrees in Criminal Justice and Legal Studies but has always had a knack for creating and planning events. The magical moments that make up a union of love is something she feels honored to be a part of.

Thru the multicultural celebrations Apsara has helped to create, Jaclyn has witnessed what a rich history these events have. She thoroughly enjoys submerging herself into the process and the planning that goes into the details to create such a grand cultural event. The part she cherishes most is the creative process working alongside the team and seeing the hard work, coupled with “your” vision, manifesting on one very special day.

Jaclyn is no stranger to detail and research and looks to enrich your day in all ways possible. “Wedding planning has been an entirely new and wonderful experience for me and one I see having longevity in my career”.

Things I love

Everything outdoors related beach volleyball, scuba diving, kayaking/paddle boarding, traveling, and photography

Quote I love

"We do not remember days, we remember moments."
~Cesare Pavese